Instructions for Reviewer

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General Policies

Review of a manuscript is a significant academic contribution in disseminating research ideas related to the field of social sciences covered by Annals of Social Science Research.  Each manuscripts submitted to goes through a process of double-blinded peer review. You are asked to assess and offer recommendations in order to ensure the quality of the manuscript. To be reviewers please check if you fulfill the following criterion:

  • Hold a degree in the field closely related to the scope of the journal.
  • Hold a teaching or research position at an academic institution.
  • Possess a strong interest in the field.
  • Fluent in academic and professional English.
  • Have not worked with the author(s) for the past 5 years.
  • Not affiliated with the same institution as the author(s).
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines.
Reviewers should fill in the peer-review report form provided by the Editorial Office. This form is immediately available after review acceptance and is divided into five different sections:
1. Overall Assessment
You can make an overall assessment of five different aspects of the manuscript.
  • Originality of the paper: is the research or approach of the manuscript innovative?
  • Interest to the readers: is the manuscript appealing to other scholars and non-experts interested in the topic?
  • Scientific soundness: are the methodology and literature review well performed? Are the conclusions supported by the results?
  • Clarity of presentation: are the ideas and structure of the manuscript clear and logical?
  • English language level: is the English language comprehensive and flawless?
2. Recommendation
You should select recommendation for a decision regarding the manuscript from the following:
  • Accept submission: the manuscript is considered to be of sufficient quality to warrant publication and no changes are needed in terms of content.
  • Revisions required: you consider the manuscript to be free of any major flaws that could put into question the scientific soundness of the article, but the authors should still be asked to perform some minor revisions.
  • Resubmit for review: authors should be asked to perform major revisions to their manuscript and you wish to review the revised version of the manuscript.
  • Decline submission: the manuscript is considered to have major flaws which could not be resolved through revision and resubmission.
3. General Comment for Authors
In this section you can make a brief and general assessment of the paper. Recommended maximum length: 150 words.
4. Suggestions and Revisions Required
In this section include all suggestions for improvement and changes needed for the article to be accepted for publication. Please insert each different suggestion/revision needed into a new paragraph. It is extremely important that you indicate a single suggestion/revision needed per paragraph, as that will ease the process for both authors and reviewers (authors will be asked to reply point-by-point to each of the topics raised by all reviewers in their resubmission cover letter).
5. Comments for Editors (will not be revealed to the authors)
In this section you can include comments that you do not wish to be revealed to the authors.

The usual turnaround period for the delivery of the review report is four weeks. We are aware that for some researchers this period may be short, reviewers are always welcome to inform the editor if they need some extra time to complete the review.